The Rings of Independence were five rings which were created by Trado, an elf of Aerenor. These rings were given to the leaders of each race in FT 2013.

The ringsEdit

  • Elven Ring: A jewelled and superior ring was forged especially for Trado, ninety-second Totum Lord of the Elf Kingdom.
  • Dwarven Ring: A tall, silver armband that would cover the entire wrist, this was to symbolise how much the dwarves actually mined. It was given to Fworimes Avir.
  • Dragon Ring: Due to the dragon's size, this ring was seperated into eight, all of them clasped around the nails of the mighty dragon Haradir.
  • Human Ring: Firm, mighty and made of pure gold-bronze, this ring was so tight that when it's original owner, Rondor Alashwin got it, his son had to cut the king's finger off to get it.
  • Wizard Ring: It was thin as paper yet as durable as diamond, it was made of the strong elven metal Olophiarite, of which is the strongest armour/sword gem in the world.