~: The Companions of Aerenor

Aldyren ElédorAlmorhir ElédorAlforin ElédorOlasto FaebriginEdilin Halveren

-----Olasto Faebrigin of Aerenor-----
Titles Thédraeth
AKA: The Lonely Dwarf
Sex Male
Date of Birth EL 1031
Date of Death Unknown
Realms ruled Roderland
Spouse Rindon
Parents Unknown
Children Unknown
Race Dwarf
Culture Central dwarf
Country Aerenor

Olasto Faebrigin was a dwarf from Aerenor, one of the rare Idavar dwarfs. He was a member of the Companions of Aerenor, as well as a close friend with Aldyren Eledor. Olasto was the archer of the group and owned a crossbow.

He was accepted into the Thédraeth in FD 4.

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