-----Althon Ramier of The Elf Lands-----
Titles Totum Lord
AKA: Althon the Great
Sex Male
Date of Birth CA 2
Date of Death CA 97
Realms ruled The Elf Lands
Vogröl Creek
Spouse Unknown
Parents Unknown
Children Unknown
Race Elf
Culture Northern Elf
Country The Elf Lands

Totum Lord Althon Ramier was an elf and the first Totum Lord in the elven kingdom, he founded the Elf Lands and named it after his race. It was unknown where he was born but possibly in Vogrol, Vogrol Creek or Xavriel.

Preceded by:
Totum Lord

CA 2 - CA 97

Followed by:
Generations later, Midrolan Maplethrine.

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